I’m Julia Billings and I’m glad that you’ve either stumbled upon or hunted out this place where I share a bit of my world: mostly plants, knitting, natural dyeing and life with my man Scotto. We hail from Melbourne, Australia but are currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve dreamt of living in a cool, damp landscape like this for years and am happily soaking it all up…  We are not (yet) surrounded by sheep and hills but instead living in a lovely old Glasgow tenement building so I spend at least a small part of each day seeking out green things and the signs and sounds of the wild!

I handknit every day if I can and make woollen accessories on my hand-operated vintage knitting machine, as well as tool and project pouches from worn-out Harris tweed jackets and vintage or industry waste tweed. You can find both in my shop. I am always on the hunt for natural colour and dye small quantities of yarn for my shop, as well as for my own use.

I really enjoy teaching craft and believe that it takes time, patience and a sense of joy to learn and perfect a craft… which is why skill-building classes are so important. Upcoming knitting and dyeing classes are listed on my classes page.

You can find out a bit more about me on woolful, A Playful Day and at the Craft Sessions and receive news and shop or class updates by subscribing to my newsletter. If you have any questions or simply want to say hello, please email me at jules@woollenflower.com.

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  1. steph

    I am SOOOO glad I found your site!! We’re heading to Scotland mid September, and I’ve been scouring your blog for all these wonderful things to hopefully add to my part of the trip. (Unfortunately, we’ll be with a tour group…..going to put a MAJOR crimp in my travel-style!!! Can you believe I don’t think I’ve convinced the powers that be to visit the Great Tapestry project??? I think they visited it while it was in Edinburgh, but now that it’s touring, they’ve scratched it. 🙁 ) But, we have some free time in both Glascow and Edinburgh, so maybe…just maybe…..I’ll find some fiber time! (No, wait—-I find fiber-time EVERY DAY!…..make that fiber shopping! time.)
    Missing Shetland week by one week. Timing totally off on this trip!
    Off to wander the blog some more. Just wanted to say thanks….and glad to ‘meet’ you!!!


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