I like teaching people about craft and teach regularly at my favourite local yarn shops: fluph in Dundee, Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh and Wild and Woolly in London. In 2019, I’ll also be teaching workshops at Gartur Stitch Farm, Shetland Wool Week and other events around the UK and Europe. I also hold natural dye classes at home in Glasgow- you can find out more and book through my shop.

Upcoming classes include:

Indigo Blue:  Experience the magic of indigo dyeing and learn the steps involved in creating your own indigo vat in this full-day workshop with horticulturist and natural dyer Julia Billings.
We’ll cover the key aspects of dyeing with indigo (choosing which vat is most suitable for your needs, creating and maintaining a vat at home, fibre preparation, over-dyeing to create complex colours, safe handling and disposal and other tips and tricks) and look at techniques to dye both solid colours and patterning (using shibori methods, such as clamping, binding and stitching).
Each participant will each 100gm of wool yarn and samples of fabric and, if time permits, have the chance to dye a small object from home- if you’d like, please bring along an item made from natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, leather and wood.
Please wear clothes that can take a splash or two of indigo and bring along a notebook and pen.

Date:  Saturday May 25 2019 from 10-4 in Battlefield, Glasgow
To book:  
Please buy a place via my shop
All materials, comprehensive notes on processes covered, 100gm of yarn and samples of fabric and lunch, tea and cake

Natural Dye Retreat:  Join me for a weekend-long dye intensive on transferring the colours found in natural dyes onto yarn and fabric… Set outside at Gartur Stitch Farm in Stirlingshire, Scotland, and full of practical skill-building and joyful exploration, it should give you the skills and confidence to develop your own dye practice! Over the weekend, we’ll work through all the steps involved in dyeing with natural materials, including fibre preparation and mordanting, identifying and collecting fresh dyeplants and sourcing imported raw materials, the various steps in preparing and working with both a natural dyebath and indigo vat, safe dyeing practice, overdyeing to create complex colours, the use of modifying agents to expand our range of colours, keeping records of dye experiments and other tips. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, soak up the beautiful Scottish landscape, pat the goats and many other farm animals (we’re hoping there may be lambs by then too) and enjoy Kat’s wonderful warm hospitality…

Date:  Friday June 28- Monday July 1 and September 20-23, 2019
Included: Accommodation and all meals. Each participant will take away a minimum of 32 x 10gm miniskeins of British wool sock yarn and samples of fabric dyed in the workshop, as well as comprehensive notes on the everything covered in the workshop
To book: Please visit Gartur Stitch Farm to read the full program and reserve a place

Please contact the relevant venues for more information and bookings for classes or book for my natural dye classes via my shop. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for updates on classes and email me at if you’d like me to facilitate a group or private class.

4 thoughts on “classes

  1. casey burt

    Hello Jules,

    I only just saw your introduction class to natural dyes that is on this weekend and i’m already enrolled in another craft workshop this weekend which is a shame because i would have love to come! Are you going to have any similar in the near distant future or how much do you charge for private or small group classes on this topic?

    Thank you!
    Casey 🙂

  2. Annie Wharton

    I have recently moved back home to the Scottish Borders would really like to try and start to dye fabric with all the beautiful plants that you use – so would love to attend one of your classes in natural dyeing . Please could you let me know via email if you have any dates next year in Edinburgh.
    Many thanks
    Annie Wharton
    PS your work is beautiful

  3. Vicky


    My mum and I are looking for a beginners knitting class in Glasgow and I was wondering if you did this kind of thing?



  4. Jennie Harvey

    Hi there! I came across your page while looking for a natural dyeing class. Will you be doing this again in Glasgow? I would love to hear about it if you are!


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