I like teaching people about craft!

I teach regularly at my favourite local yarn shops: the Queen of Purls in Glasgow, fluph in Dundee, Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh and Wild and Woolly in London. In 2017, I’ll also be teaching workshops at larger fibre events such as the Joeli Creates RetreatEdinburgh Yarn Festival, The Craft Sessions and Shetland Wool Week.

I also hold natural dye classes at the Glasgow Botanics Kibble Palace- you can find out more and book through my shop

Upcoming classes include:

An introduction to natural dyeing In this full-day class, you will learn the steps involved in preparing and working with a natural dyebath and how to use mordants and modifiers before and after dyeing to achieve a wide range of colours from the same pot. We will cover the key aspects of natural dyeing with yarn and fabric; fibre preparation and mordanting, sourcing dyestuffs, preparing the dyebath and safe dyeing practice. We’ll also discuss over-dyeing to create complex colours, keeping records of dye experiments and other tips for dyeing with plants and other natural materials and take, explore the use of mordants and modifiers before and after dyeing to achieve a wide range of colours from the same pot and take a walk around the Glasgow Botanic Gardens to explore the dye potential of some of the plants growing in the gardens (6 hours).
Dates:  Sunday July 2

Steeking: Explore how to safely cut your knitting so that you can turn a jumper into a cardigan, resize a garment up or down, add armholes and more. This traditional technique is intrinsic to Fair Isle, Scandinavian and other colourwork knitting traditions and is also useful when knitting cables or other patterns that are more easily worked in the round, for knitting with self-striping yarns and for those who prefer knit to purl…  We’ll look at the various types of steeks, as well as the yarn and stitch patterns commonly used when steeking. Participants will work and cut two different kinds of steeks on their swatches and will learn how to secure the steek once cut, add a knitted band and incorporate a steek into a garment. They will also receive a pattern that turns their swatches into a sweet mug cosy. (3 hours)
Date:  Sunday January 29 (GingerTwist)

Portuguese knitting:  Learn to knit Portuguese-style! Worked with the yarn tensioned around your neck or on a knitting pin, this style of knitting has some clear advantages over other styles and is fast, efficient and easy on the hands. We’ll explore how to work the knit and purl stitches and stitch patterns that combine the two, increasing and decreasing, lace, stranded colourwork and other patterning, and Portuguese methods of casting on and off.  This 3-hour class is all about increasing your options for how you work with your needles and yarn and is completely hands-on to allow you to practice and fine-tune the style. There is no “best” way to knit, only what meets your needs for any given project, and you should come away feeling confident to incorporate the Portuguese style into your regular knitting style (3 hours).
Dates:  Sunday January 29 (GingerTwist) and Friday & Saturday February 24 & 25 (Joeli Creates)

Fisherman’s knits: Explore the history and how-to of British fisherman’s knits; we’ll begin by delving into the history, regional styles and construction methods of that knitter’s hallowed ground, the fisherman’s jumper, and explore the elements that make it immensely practical and very beautiful. We’ll take a look at both traditional and contemporary materials and how contemporary taste is altering the shape, fabric and aesthetic of the original jumper. After learning to work cables (both with a cable needle and without) and knit/ purl textures, we’ll explore some of the more unusual stitch patterns and tackle the issues and challenges involved in designing with a combination of stitch patterns, putting pencil to paper to come up with personals designs for a shoulder bag (6 hours).
Dates: September 10 (The Craft Sessions) and September 25 & 28 (Shetland Wool Week)

Please contact the relevant shops for more information and bookings for knitting classes and book for natural dye classes via my shop. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for updates on classes and email me at if you’d like me to facilitate a group or private class.

4 thoughts on “classes

  1. casey burt

    Hello Jules,

    I only just saw your introduction class to natural dyes that is on this weekend and i’m already enrolled in another craft workshop this weekend which is a shame because i would have love to come! Are you going to have any similar in the near distant future or how much do you charge for private or small group classes on this topic?

    Thank you!
    Casey 🙂

  2. Annie Wharton

    I have recently moved back home to the Scottish Borders would really like to try and start to dye fabric with all the beautiful plants that you use – so would love to attend one of your classes in natural dyeing . Please could you let me know via email if you have any dates next year in Edinburgh.
    Many thanks
    Annie Wharton
    PS your work is beautiful

  3. Vicky


    My mum and I are looking for a beginners knitting class in Glasgow and I was wondering if you did this kind of thing?



  4. Jennie Harvey

    Hi there! I came across your page while looking for a natural dyeing class. Will you be doing this again in Glasgow? I would love to hear about it if you are!


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