knits for cold weather- and why we’re going to need them

I finished this lovely, enormous scarf at least a year ago but I haven’t had many chances to wear it. Not only is it about 3m long and made up of dense cables but I used a super-light, core-blown 14ply alpaca yarn- and the combination makes it one very warm scarf, the kind you don’t often need here in Melbourne…

February Scarf

February Scarf

But that is all about to change… because Scotto and I are moving to Scotland!!! Eep!!! So exciting and, frankly, a bit terrifying too- it seems much more daunting to pack up my life and head out into the big world at 41 than when I was 18 or 23. But that is part of the reason we’re doing it. We want to strip away some of the things that hold us in order to try to flow with life as much as we can. Not that those things that hold us are bad; they are often precious and beautiful and together make up a lot of who we are.

But there is more. And I think that sometimes we need to push ourselves to remember that, especially after hard times, like the last few years for my family. On top of that, I didn’t expect to find myself without children and that’s been hard to come to terms with. I didn’t think I’d hear myself saying that there was anything lucky about it- but, yes, I am starting to see that we are lucky to be free to do this, to do so many things that would be much harder if we had those responsibilities. And we have the means to do it, to take the risk. We don’t have work or a place to move into or any friends over there… but we’re (mostly) ok with that.

So, at the end of January, we’ll head off. So much to organise and do between over the next 6-7 weeks (including building up a stock of colourwork cowls for an exciting project in Scotland-more on that soon!) and so many lovely folk to share time with. I hardly ever post photos of myself but here’s a few of the faces that I’m currently moving between on a daily basis:



Jumping out of my skin




But mostly happy and ready to move forward...

And ready to move forward.

Wish us luck, won’t you?

18 thoughts on “knits for cold weather- and why we’re going to need them

  1. Rachael

    Congratulations and good luck. What part of Scotland are you moving to? It’s a stunning landscape and the funniest people. I hope you like oddities.

  2. Myf

    I can just see you tramping through the highlands in that get up.
    And I so admire you for being brave and setting out on this journey despite life not playing out how you might have anticipated. It’s rare and precious that ability to let go of the past and start anew. So exciting!

  3. Melanie

    I’m so very excited to hear you are moving to my part of the world. I can’t wait for a meet up. Which part of Scotland? If you need anything let me know.
    You gorgeous brave lady xxx

  4. Kate

    Jules! What a wonderful adverture ahead of you! That scarf is going to take up an awful lot of your luggage space…

  5. Rebecca

    What a brave and fabulous adventure! As a fellow fortyonian, I reckon this might be the perfect decade for big changes…you are strong, wise and resilent now, primed for adventure. Best wishes and good luck.

  6. Julie

    How exciting. Life never turns out how you expect, how brave of you to take this big step to change your future. (This yorkshire girl never expected to still be in Australia 25 years later!)
    Scotland is so wild and beautiful, it will suit you.
    Good luck.

  7. Leigh

    This is incredible news! how very brave of you (i’ve just noticed how many people have used the word “brave here in their comments, so it MUST be true) – brave to let go of your life where you are now but brave too to see life’s very tough challenges in a positive life – that’s letting go too, I suppose… 🙂 Best wishes for a smooth-as-possible transition to a new and exciting adventure! xo

  8. Lynn

    Hi, Jules —

    My friend Suse at the Pea Soup blog told me about you, and I’m so glad she did; we hopped the pond from the central U.S. last November and now live in the Scottish Borders. I share your passion for plants and yarn (but am far from expert when it comes to either one), and look forward to seeing more of your photos. Here’s to big adventures in mid-life (I’m almost 52)!


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