my new dearies

Three lovely new things to share! First is my new room.

Two sided table. Walls still empty.

Enough room to spread things out…

Bowls of treasures, needles and my small fabric stash  just fit into the dresser ; )

9 boxes full of yarn- Is that a big stash?! I’ve lost perspective ; )

Preparing for the last new class for the term, on seamless knitting

Sample of the class project

I’ve been doing a lot of class prep in here (and some making too) and it is a truly beautiful and peaceful place to work… I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have my own place to work, think and dream.

Antique crochet doily in the window

Secondly, the kitchen is in- happy!!! Cooking and baking have commenced, which is bliss. It also means that we’ve been able to put all but our bathroom things into their right rooms (if not cupboards yet!) so life is pretty much back to normal, only more beautiful. And we have hot water! No bathroom for a while yet but plenty of room for hot cat-baths… photos of the kitchen to come.

And the third joy is my new deerie.


I love him so much, especially those antler buds! He has pride of place at my worktable and his expectant expression have been inspiring me to get making in here.  He was made by my lovely and super-talented friend Raynor, who recently put together a program of classes at Crafternoon, a new cafe focused on giving people everyday access to craft (he’ll be looking after crochet and I’ll be on knitting- both are aimed at beginners and are project-based modules that introduce the various basic skills as we go, a different approach that I’m looking forward to trying). He makes and writes super-cute stuff and is pushing all the right buttons– you might like to check him out.

Happy day to you!

7 thoughts on “my new dearies

  1. MildlyCrafty

    Your room looks lovely Jules, so spacious! Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen too!

    I dunno if 9 boxes of yarn is a lot, I’ve got 4, and yet I still bought some more at Wondoflex yesterday!

  2. Melanie

    Oh, how beautiful is your room? I’ll bet it’s a good feeling having things in their rightful place so you can create and feel at home. Cute reindeer too, is he called Deerie?


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