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Just a heads-up that I’ll be adding some pouches and cowls to the shop this time tomorrow- that’s at 6pm Saturday, Glasgow time…

Over the past six months, I’ve been blessed to have a steady stream of people hand their much-loved tweed or woollen garments over in the hope that what is no longer wearable may have a second life as a pouch. I’m always intrigued by the stories behind these fabrics and like to bring them to mind as I work with the fabric- evoking the memories held in them feels important to me.




Within this run of pouches are treasured pieces from a lovely friend, Anna (more on her lovely Penguin book next week), including some skirts made and worn by her Oma (so lovely to see the hand-stitching and marks of life) and a commercial Munrospun skirt (lovely to see one of these after writing this post).

Tweed pouch made from Anna's Munrospun skirt

Tweed pouch made from Anna’s Munrospun skirt

Tweed pouch from Anna's Oma's skirt

Tweed pouch from Anna’s Oma’s skirt

There are also pouches made from the seat covers from a Scottish camper van- with the occasional dog hair included!

Tweed pouch made from camper van seat covers

Tweed pouch made from camper van seat covers

And some from one of my favourite old Harris Tweed jackets…

Tweed pouch made from a 1050's Harris Tweed jacket

Tweed pouch made from a 1050’s Harris Tweed jacket

And there are a few new colourways in my favourite cowl patterns too…

Parterre Cowl in Oatmeal and Sage Blue

Parterre Cowl in Oatmeal and Sage Blue

All are up in the shop already but marked as coming soon if you are interested in having a sneak peek. And I look forward to showing you more of the lovely fabrics I’ve been given recently over the coming weeks…

Hoping you have a lovely weekend!

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