We spent a couple of nights up at the farm where my sister and her family live. They were away so, while it was a real shame to not have time with them, it was such a treat to have the place to ourselves for a few days together before Scotto heads to Sydney for 11 weeks of study…



River Redgum


dsc_2138Grasses and gum


Acheron river

Sneaking in between two very hot weeks, we had beautiful weather… We spent most of the daytime down by the Acheron River, which was fresh, fast and super cold! And the nights were so clear that we slept outside on the trampoline and watched the stars wheel across the sky, so much brighter and closer than they are at home.

The birds, mostly cockatoos, had the same idea and were out enjoying the gorgeous days.

dsc_1776Cockatoo and clouds



I didn’t do much but wander about with my new (old) camera, getting a feel for it and looking for small treasures in a way I haven’t for ages.




dsc_1905Brave beetle

Among the leaves of some of the eucalypts, I spotted quite a few of these delicate nests… I’ve got no idea who uses them but they are strangely beautiful and reminded me of a small child’s shoe. Anyone know what they are?

dsc_1879Webbed nest

dsc_1755Gum shedding

We hung about with the animals: they have chooks…

dsc_1993Settling down to roost

… a couple of Highland cows…

dsc_1925Wonderful colours

… and Damara sheep, who completed transfixed me with their wild horns, their ability to moult (they don’t need to be shorn), the ingenious way they store fat in their tails and their wonderful, beautiful faces.

dsc_2217Wee coos!

dsc_2058Wild boy

dsc_2069Beautiful girl

Beautiful colouring

dsc_2112Black beauty

dsc_2103Soft and hard


Fatty tail

dsc_2059Soft belly

Thanks so, so much, Hen and Tim, for a magical weekend. It was just what we needed and more than we could have wished for xx

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  1. astitchtoofew

    Gorgeous photos, Jules, it looks like it was a lovely weekend. Did you collect any interesting dyestuff? Those moulting sheep look interesting – can their fleeces still be used for yarn? x


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