esha ness

A walk last year….

Horse drinking; Dore Holm, Esha Ness


Ocean, cliffs and seabird

Deep inlet gouged out by the ocean; Calder's Geo

Moss, lichen and rock

Water-polished stones

Creator of fine Shetland yarn ; )

and the shawl inspired by it…

Waves of old shale patterning

Soft and cosy

Shetland colours

Ocean and sky

Moss, lichen, earth and sheep

Finally finished, my enormous hap shawl inspired by a day spent walking the magnificent Esha Ness in Shetland… I love it! A hybrid of Gudrun Johnson’s and Madeleine Weston’s haps, using yarn from Jamieson and Smith, Rennie and Holstgarn. Details here.

19 thoughts on “esha ness

  1. pamalison

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone wearing a hand-knit shawl and thought “I can see the point of shawls”. Usually, although as a knitter I appreciate the colour, the patterning, the all-round cleverness, I can’t see any reason to really wear one. This is simple and truly beautiful. Inspiring.

    1. julesmoon

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Yes, the shawl thing totally eluded me until I saw mustaa villaa’s wool peddlers shawl- and then I got it. This is totally usable and so big and soft and light at the same time. More like a wrap. Shawlettes still elude me ; )


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