I recently tried out my macro lens for the first time.



Lichen speciesLichen





dsc_2288Leaf Margin


dsc_2302Gold-tinged Feather



So much fun getting lost in the tiny details of life but so much to learn and I definitely need a tripod. I’m thinking of doing a course covering the basics of photography as I know nothing about manual settings and basic photographic language but there are so many out there- I’d really appreciate any advice from anyone with experience and opinions about good teachers and courses…

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  1. grackleandsun

    Macro shots are so much fun. My poor old camera died, and you just can do that same with a camera phone, lol. I found that when I didn’t have a tripod handy, clicking the shutter on an exhalation was steadier than holding my breath. Learned that from a great pottery teacher for not knocking your pot out of center when you lift your hands off. Looking forward to more great pictures!

  2. kgirlknits

    Love macros! So much so I got told off for over-using the lens at Uni 😉 I DIDN’T CARE!!!

    I think the CAE courses are pretty neat, and comprehensively cover the basics and a bit beyond?

  3. Melanie

    Lovely photo’s, my favourite is the lichen but I have a soft spot for lichen. My sister does a lot of macro pictures with her iphone and a macro lens as well as her posh camera. Michaels on Elizabeth Street do good courses I believe, recommended to me by someone though I never got the chance to go.


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