new arrival

We had a fifth member of our household for all of twenty-four hours!

Sweet Evie

She turned up in our garden on Friday morning and was way too small to be camping out in the woodpile on her own… needless to say, she was extremely happy for a full belly and a warm jumper to snuggle into.

As the state of affairs between the feline members of our house is frosty at the best of times, sadly we really weren’t able to keep her- but my mum, who lost her dog only a month ago, was very keen to meet her… and once she had, very keen to keep her ; ) It turns out she is only six weeks old (tiny enough to sit in my hand) but in very good health and spirits so all bodes well! Evie, as she’s now known, is a real sweetie- loads of energy, very inquisitive and brave but also really cuddly. My family always had heaps of strays but never any puppies or kittens- and I think it would be a lovely thing to care for and bond with such a young creature. In contrast to our two cats, who were both adult when we got them and have a fair bit of baggage (which, of course, makes the purrs I do get from them even more precious), a kitten so small is very open and trusting. Super cute.

May she live a long and happy life…

6 thoughts on “new arrival

  1. Tony

    May she have a wonderful life indeed! When I was growing up we had a fox terrier named Lucy and one day a tiny foxy puppy arrived. She must have looked at Lucy and thought she belonged. We assumed we’d find her owners so we just called her the puppy, but we never did find who she belonged to, and she stayed. We never quite got around to giving her a proper name though, she stayed “the puppy” for happy 17 years

    1. julesmoon

      Thanks for an awesome story- sounds like she was forever the baby of the family- you never outgrow that moniker ; )

      It seems like there aren’t as many strays around these days which is, of course, a great thing for animals… but I do remember the joy of a new unexpected friend and the suspense of whether mum and dad would let us keep it!

  2. Nikki

    Eep – she’s gorgeous!! I’ve had a 6-week old (and once, four week old) kittens given to me in the past… they’re unbelievably entertaining and lovable….. I’m a bit envious of your Mum.


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