new undertakings

We went from this:

Wonky old kitchen

with a good dose of this:

Faux bois- I kind of got used to it in the end πŸ˜‰

to this:

Ah, we still had our shower!

and now this:

Open kitchen

The inevitable change of plan happened on the very first day of renovations… instead of just replacing the kitchen and bathroom, we decided to pull out the dividing wall and add a small bathroom onto the back. Help! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the change, now that we need to go through planning approval and a wee bit more work… but I am sure it will be so, so worth it when I look into that big open space. We’re having fun hosing each other down in the garden, now that the shower is gone. Luckily it has been hot. I’ll keep you posted on how things go : )

Bemused by it all

Also new is the schedule of classes that has just gone up on the Morris and Sons website… All the teachers have put together new ones this semester, so the program has expanded to include all kinds of treats, including amigurumi, toe-up and top-down socks, garment and shawl design and embellishment. I’ve given myself the challenge of seven new classes, so I have loads to learn and to polish up on and plenty of samples to knit! But I’m glad for the opportunity to push myself more and to be part of some exciting learning. On the cards for me are cast-ons and cast-offs, steeking, cables, knitting tips and tricks, seamless garment construction and fitting and an introduction to Shetland lace construction and techniques. Come along if you can- they should be fun!

And lastly, I’ve been working on a pattern for my Laura and the Wolf! Very exciting, this pattern-writing business. And slow. A couple of friends have kindly agreed to test the pattern and I am knitting up a second version, incorporating a few changes I’ve made, but it should be ready soon if anyone is keen to have a go!

Lots in store for the year ahead. Hope there is for you too.

10 thoughts on “new undertakings

    1. Jules

      Thanks so much, Annie! Hehe, it is normally the same here, other than the fact this one is so so tiny and has no impact on anyone that we are sure to be fast-tracked over 15 days! Otherwise, we would have had to contemplate going without a shower for months ; )

  1. Raynor

    It’ll be amazing when you’re done, for sure!

    I was shocked to see the amigurumi class! I didn’t think it’d be added to the schedule until I’d actually planned it out first. I don’t when I’m going to get the time to put it together, so I’d best get cracking. Oy!

  2. formandreform

    OOOH! So good to see those walls going down. You know – I’m wondering if my new kitchen will look like your old one. Too funny,. πŸ™‚ Hope you are keeping clean and happy. xx


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