new things

A new year (I am always a little behind) and several new explorations begun- including this place here which I hope will be a way of keeping focused on the rest of them…

The first is a little difficult to show here but possibly the most important- health! I am jiggling things around to try to get my energy and fitness levels up and some clarity in my outlook. At times, I have found these things intangible and temporary and am hoping that working actively with people in the know will help me to ground myself in the daily activities needed to bring them about. I anticipate that I will be asked to do unexpected things, but I think my health and happiness will stem from such things as being out in this:

On the Mousa ferry, Shetland

and amongst these:

Grass of Parnassus, Loch Katrine hills

growing and eating wholesome food:

Plump florence fennel from the garden

and through other my explorations: mucking around with some lovely textures in the hands and on the machine, and hoping to take steps towards doing more:

Harlequin scarf

recycling beautiful tweed into beautiful, warm things:

Harris tweed #376195

playing apothecary and making soap from, among other things, the milk of these little beauties:

Handsome goats, Daylesford

and, of course, spending time with loved ones:

Walking and laughing

I look forward to it all!


14 thoughts on “new things

  1. tricotadeira

    Hi Jules,

    Just realise that you have a blog. Here´s to new things and some old things to. here´s to sharing. here´s to the beauty that sorround us in the small things. here´s to happiness. here’s to life.



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