treasure from Aix…

My mum just returned from a trip touring with an orchestra that she works with. Back with her came some golden treasure discovered in the Aix-en-Provence flea markets. For me!

silk yarn

She found these within a few days of arriving in Europe and then carried them with her for the following four weeks across southern France, Spain, Portugal and Syria. Only a person who sees the beauty in old things would do that.

My family has always treasured things that have been worn, used, tampered with and loved. The more used and tampered with, the better. Perhaps it helped both my parents, who are both rootless in many ways, to feel part of some kind of family- just a bigger, unseen one. And, unlike some kids, who choose the opposite of what their parents embrace, we loved that same warmth of used things. I remember spending winter afternoons in the cavernous Army and Navy Stores in Collins St, Melbourne, wandering those lonely aisles, emptying boxes of things onto the floor and wondering where they had been and in whose hands. I left my stuffed lion there once, on one of the shelves. We gave him up as lost- until I found him there, on the same shelf, a year later. I later wondered why nobody had noticed (and bought!) him- it seemed an incongruous place for a lion- but I suppose he blended in with all the other forgotten bits and bobs.

So this treasure is going to be loved and made into something that I can wear- and it will make me think of my mum and what she has done for me. Always a very important thing to remember…

soft and crunchy

From the look of that amazing lustre, I am pretty sure that this is silk yarn. It looks like a 6-ply and I have 200gm. The two skeins are slightly different in colour and I suppose that I could dye it… but I feel somehow that it should be left as is, in all its glory. Bugger dye lots- I love old, used and imperfect things.

Any ideas what this should become?

10 thoughts on “treasure from Aix…

  1. Amy

    French silk! Ooo la la! … Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! I don’t know what you should make with it, I’ll wait til I see it in person.

    I can’t believe your Lion sat on the shelf for a year!!

    1. julesmoon

      I know! When I was reunited with him, my heart broke all over again that he had been sitting there and waiting for me…. and that noone had bought him! As an adult looking back, I can now acknowledge that some lovely employee had probably seen him there and left him in case I came back- but at the time it seemed like magic!

  2. Cassandra

    Oh, that’s so beautiful! I would make a lovely lace shawl, a simple one to show off the sheen. Maybe alternate skeins so the colour difference is a positive thing? And I love the story about the lion!

    1. julesmoon

      That was what I was thinking too : )

      I will try to work out what metrage I have and then go through the gazillion shawl patterns on Rav and see what I come up with. Like you say, it needs to be simple. Citron?

    1. julesmoon

      Nice idea! I have a feeling that the fabric would be a bit too drapey to carry the three-dimensional structure… but it’s on the list. Hey, really looking forward to sharing time at craft camp next week!

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