off to japan!

Finally, after heaps of knitting by everyone, all the knits for Japan were packed up with their accompanying letters and sent this morning- yippee! The response to this project from around the world has been immense and, albeit on a smaller scale, the number of people who contributed to the box I was sending was just as big…

Be warned, lots of photos of knits ahead!

Members of the Gisborne Spinners and Weavers- Lorraine, Laraine, Dawn, Gayle, Ida, Wendy, and Margaret- filled two big bags with beautiful socks, hats, scarves and even a women’s jumper, almost all of which were made from their own handspun yarns!

Lovely 70's colours!

Handspun childrens gloves

Fisherman's hat

Naturally coloured wool

Sweet child's beret with rosette

Basketweave scarf

Warm and snug handspun socks

Handspun old shale mitts

Super-cute felted cloche!

Many, many other items were made and contributed by David, Sue, Traudl, Karen, Niki, Amanda, Jane, Judith, Tony, Sharon, Robin, Deborah, Ellie, Penny, Nettie and Sandra.

Feather-light machine-knitted cashmere scarf

Lovely double moss in Australian yarn

Slipstitch colourwork shawl

Seafoam pattern scarf

Tunisian crochet cowl

Cheerful colours

Complex woven and felted patterns

New Zealand felted scarf

Baby booties

Together we managed to make eighty-six pieces so I am sure that eighty-six people will be a little bit warmer over the coming Japanese winter as a result of everyone’s lovely work ; ) Thank you all so much! And a big thanks to my mum for helping me lug the ten kilos of knitwear up to the post office and making sure everything was labelled and boxed properly!

4 thoughts on “off to japan!

  1. Annie

    Well done you, and all involved. And what wonderful knits and such you’ve all sent! Ours was a much more modest effort but a group of us also sent a small parcel of mostly scarves and baby jackets to Japan (although sadly I forgot to photograph the contents going in, oops!). It is a wonderful project isn’t it.

    1. Jules

      Yes, the organizers are doing a wonderful job and an awesome thing. Well done you too! I think baby things are a great idea and would be a treasure for mums and dads to receive…

  2. Jules

    Penny, yes, I really wanted to post lots of photos so that we can all get excited about everyone’s wonderful work… Thanks so much again for being part of it- your felting is beautiful!


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