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I just heard about this undertaking by (mostly) Japanese students to gather warm woollies for those affected by the Japanese earthquake. The weather will start getting cold there in a couple of months and apparently material aid is slowing down, so Kenta and his gang of volunteers are asking for handknitted hats, scarves, gloves and babywear…

Blossom booties

Why handknit? As Kenta says, “we want to remind the victims that there are still people trying to help them”. Apparently handknit covers handworked knitting machines- and I’m sure crochet, weaving etc. would be great too- which is wonderful as I can make a lot more on my old Singer than I could by hand ; )

I’m aiming to send as many as I can by the end of September and would be really happy to put yours in the box too… just drop me a line.

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  1. Tony

    What a wonderful idea! I have a just finished scarf I’d like to donate, and I’ve circulated this to our library stitch n bitch group too. Could you let me know where to send it, or can I drop it off somewhere? 気をつけて。

    1. julesmoon

      Hi Tony! So sorry for the slow reply to your comment- I’ve been out with a throat infection all week and was only able to get the absolute essentials covered…

      Wonderful news that you would like to contribute a precious handmade scarf! I am lazy so will be doing mine on the machine ; ) I am not planning to send the box until the end of September so unless you were thinking of sending it yourself, there is no hurry to get it to me before then. Perhaps we could meet to do the handover- would be nice to meet you and would also save you the postage. Am I right in thinking that you work at RMIT- in the city? I am at Morris and Sons on Fri and Sat so could meet you somewhere or at the shop if you’re needing some yarntime ; )


      1. Tony

        Hi Jules, hope the lovely sunshine today has helped the throat infection… our library crafters are meeting up tomorrow so I will pass the word and see if we can get a couple more scarves. I work at Swinburne but am usually in the city on the weekend so it would be easy to pop into the shop, and lovely to meet you! Will be in touch later. Cheers!

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