camberwell market textile finds

Despite working in a very lovely yarn shop, recently I’ve been finding all my treasures at the market! After the recent score of a totally amazing swift, this morning I found:

3kg of second-hand 4-ply cotton in colours too beautiful to pass up! ($30)

For yet ANOTHER blanket?!

Old fabric scissors that are so sharp and cut so beautifully that they must have been used very recently- wonder why they were up for grabs? Extra pair? Estate sale? ($20)


An old, fine Stratnoid crochet hook– I already have one of these and it is my absolute favourite for weaving in ends/ picking up stitches and is so light that I think it must be made of aluminium- and a sort of pin with a handle and a tiny hook on the end… anyone know what this is for?  ($6)


And a collection of glove patterns with some beautiful details and styling ($3)

Dramatic cover shot!

Loving the colourwork embroidery

Bound for Melbourne!

I had to get out of there before I found anything else- a total of $59 is amazing for such beautiful, unusual and (most importantly) usable things but I neither need nor have any room for more.

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