samples 3

My new favourite pattern.


Or is it this way up?

Scales; tiles; shingles

I love it either way. The photos really don’t do justice to the colours of this beautiful Portuguese yarn, a warm natural and a complex heath green.

Meme 35 laceweight singles from Portugal

But hopefully you get the picture.

The shade cards for the yarn I’d like to use for my colourwork idea arrived and I have poring over them…


So many to choose from that it is kind of baffling. I’m finding the process similar to creating a garden- far easier if you have a some parameters to work within because a blank canvas can be overwhelming. I do have some clear parameters but the process is definitely making me define where I want to go with this- questions like, how willing and confident am I to trust my own sense of colour and pattern? Do I have the diligence to work carefully and consistently through the process and can I broaden my vision to see what will really work, rather than just get distracted or disabled by the glut of choices? And, if this is something I want to produce to sell, how much do I follow my own colour choices and how much should fashions in colour influence me? This process is such a great thing for me because I can be a bit of a dreamer! So, now to make the final choices… ; )

7 thoughts on “samples 3

    1. julesmoon

      Intellectually I get that I will only love the things I make if they are my own… but it is a big lesson in trust to go with that. Thanks for the encouragement! xx

  1. klozter

    Love the stitch pattern, it would make a beautiful little beret. Anna Zilboorg recommends putting colors together that you would never combine in real life just to see how they work. Maybe you find some new favorites?

  2. sooz

    Love that new pattern! Your instincts are excellent on colour. Might be easier to think of it less as choosing colours for trends as choosing colours beyond, or in addition to your own personal favourites. And maybe a welcome opportunity to work with colours you like but don’t choose in your own wardrobe.

  3. Raynor

    Of all the people to be worried about color; you’re not one of them.

    That pattern is beautiful, and I love it either way. I never get tired of these swatches! ^_^

    1. julesmoon

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone! I really appreciate it. I think a lot of us find it hard to trust our own instincts and choices… but it’s an important lesson to learn, isn’t it…


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