a new friend

After a long aversion to it, I’ve been coming around to purple. I’m not sure why I haven’t enjoyed it but I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that, so often, the shades I see around are very one-dimensional, whereas I prefer complex, even muddy shades.

Hydrangea; garden, Glasgow

But a few things have gently nudged me to explore a bit further…

I recently designed a garden for my dad’s partner and incorporated a fair bit of purple into the colour scheme at her behest. A garden is one place I have really enjoyed purple and this garden in particular really sings with its purples, yellows and fresh limey greens; it got me thinking about the fact that it isn’t the colour that I don’t like, it’s more the shade and the context that I find challenging. I guess that all colours are like that; sometimes we need to work a bit harder to find the good stuff.

Some very cool edible plants have also been inspiring a second look.

Purple cauliflower

Potato bearing a strong resemblance to the lovely Venus of Willendorf ; )

That’s not really purple, I hear you say. Well, look at the inside of this beauty!

Purple streaks that intensify with cooking

Purple streaks that intensify with cooking

At the yarn shop I work at, we sell stacks, stacks, of purple yarn. And, despite being good quality stock from good producers, very few of them appeal to me and none of them enough to tempt me to try them. But, for the colourwork that I’m working on and hoping to develop into a sell-able product, I’ve been considering some well-informed advice from a friend and thinking that perhaps I should listen to my potential market and actually create some purple colourways… I wasn’t really inspired- and then I found these colours.

Yarn for colourwork

They are so much more up my alley; subtle, complex and a bit dirty. So a new friendship has begun- I don’t know how deep it’ll go, but it feels good so far.

How about you? Been playing with any new friends?!

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