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classes at the queen of purls

As I mentioned last week, I have another new teaching gig to announce- while it’ll be lovely to see more of the country while teaching, I’m really pleased to be teaching locally here in Glasgow at the Queen of Purls… In the (close to a) year since she’s been open, Zoe, (yet another great woman doing her own thing!) has made the most lovely and welcoming place to visit, shop and learn…  She’s put together a diverse collection of yarns and fibres, including beauties from local producers Jamieson’s, Ardalanish and Garthenor Organic, Faroese Navia, the ever-popular Madeline Tosh, Drops and even her own hand-dyed line, and the most lovely displays I’ve seen for ages- you can tell this girl has a background in fine arts…

It’s lovely to see a program with a broader reach than just knitting and crochet- Zoe is also a spinner and her classes reflect that- Deborah Grey is teaching drop spindling and fleece and fibre preparation and one of my classes focuses on understanding how different natural fibres behave and the processes involved in turning them into yarn and how to find the right yarn for any given project… it’s one of the biggest challenges I’ve found, both in my own knitting and working in yarn shops, because the right yarn selection is essential to your finished objects looking and behaving how you intended! You can find out more about all the classes on offer on my classes pages and at the Queen of Purls.

Fibre and Yarn 101 class

Fibre and Yarn 101- a selection of naturally dyed yarns of different fibre contents

And, to celebrate her first birthday, Zoe is having a party on Saturday May 16 (11-5) at the shop- do pop by and say hello to us if you’re in town… if you needed extra incentives, there’ll be cake, discounts and goodies!