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shop update

Hello! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write here… I really wish I’d been able to make time to do so as I love sharing a little of what I’ve been seeing and doing but I suppose we all have to prioritise activities and this year has been so full of lots of wonderful travels that I this little place has not got a look in. And I know I’m not alone is feeling that, somehow, the longer between posts, the harder it seems to get back to write one. But I do have a couple of plant and dye posts in the works and more waiting and hope to share them with you over the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m adding some pouches to the shop tomorrow…

A plethora of pouches

This is a cheerful bunch, made up of some of Lorna‘s beautiful handwork (that has been so loved by many of you- thank you!) and a few special fabrics. I’ve slowly worked my way through my lovely collection of worn-out jackets (and have also been doing a lot more plant-dyeing) and, as a result, my pouch-making has slowed down this year… I see this as a natural part of the way I work- there are only so many beautiful Harris Tweed jackets out there needing a new life and my focus has always been to do just that, to find a purpose for waste. But I stumbled on some beautiful (new) fabrics that I wanted to highlight in a short run of pouches, this time from Peter Grieg of Kirkcaldy, the same mill that weaves the linen I use to line my pouches. They are made from lambswool so are a softer fabric than HT but are based on some of the old Scottish tweeds and tartans and make a lovely juxtaposition to it.

Benmore Red from Peter Grieg (L, M and S)

Ancient Robertson (L and M)

As you can see, I’ve also expanded my range to include three sizes of pouches! Over the last couple of years, I’ve stored up some larger scraps so, when Rachel of Daughter of a Shepherd asked whether I’d be able to make some different sizes for our collaboration, it seemed like a great time to start using them. Because of the way I work, not all sizes are available in every fabric- it really depends on what size pieces I have- but I do have quite a few of each size in this update. My standard pouch is now my M and I’ve added a S (perfect for notions or needles) and a L (fits a medium shawl project or a baby garment) and they are £26, £23 and £30 respectively.

Harris Tweed (L and M)

And the other special fabric in this update is this wonderful hot-pink and green wool boucle!

Josh’s wool boucle

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Josh, a Dutch knitting friend from Instagram, offering me this wonderful vintage wool boucle- it had formed part of her godmother’s treasured fabric stash until her recent death and Josh really wanted to find a way to honour her and her stash and wondered if it might work as pouches. I held it back for a while, unsure if it was a bit thick for the purpose, and then realised that the gauge of the fabric would work really well as a larger pouch. And it does- the combination of that hot-pink/ grass-green/ sage check and the plump, dense fabric has made super cosy pouches and I love them!

So that’s the update. Please do head over and have a look if you’re interested- they are available for preview now and for sale tomorrow evening, Friday December 1 at 8pm Glasgow time. (For any overseas buyers keen for delivery before the holidays, please get in touch after making your purchase to discuss postage- as a guide, a small parcel containing up to 3 pouches tracked to Australia/ US costs £12.95 and takes an estimated 7-10 days. Please note that, while it’s almost certain to arrive by December 24, I can’t guarantee delivery!)

Many thanks for your interest!

shop update

It’s been a while between drinks but I’ve made some pouches for the shop! The update  will be tomorrow, Saturday April 8 at 3pm Glasgow-time, but they’re already loaded in the shop in case you feel like having a leisurely browse beforehand : )

As always, I got a kick out of choosing fabrics that work together and there is quite a bit of Harris Tweed in this batch, as well as the last of the teal camper van cushion covers and a couple of other colourways…


Scottish wool in oatmeal/ berry from my friend Lorna of Chookiebirdie

Harris Tweed in sage green/ straw

Tobacco/ rust/ oatmeal

Harris Tweed in tobacco/ rust/ oatmeal

If you’re in the market, I hope you get the one you like! Thank you as always for your enthusiasm and support xx

shop update

Just a wee heads-up that I’ve just added a good handful of pouches to the shop! There’s a lovely range of sources and vintages in this group; some great, well-loved Harris Tweed jackets that I brought back from Australia at Christmas-time (including one particularly old one) an well-loved garment from my generous friend Anna, vintage campervan seats, upholstery offcuts… I always enjoy putting disparate fabrics together to make an interesting but cohesive group- and pairing 1940’s HT with a charcoal and red Smiths-esque check was particularly fun!

Tweed pouches

Tweed pouches

Vintage Harris Tweed

Vintage Harris Tweed

1970's Harris Tweed

1970’s Harris Tweed

Anna's Oma's skirt

Anna’s Oma’s skirt

Lairy check

Lairy check

I hope you love these fabrics as much as I do!

shop update

Just a heads-up that I’ll be adding some pouches and cowls to the shop this time tomorrow- that’s at 6pm Saturday, Glasgow time…

Over the past six months, I’ve been blessed to have a steady stream of people hand their much-loved tweed or woollen garments over in the hope that what is no longer wearable may have a second life as a pouch. I’m always intrigued by the stories behind these fabrics and like to bring them to mind as I work with the fabric- evoking the memories held in them feels important to me.




Within this run of pouches are treasured pieces from a lovely friend, Anna (more on her lovely Penguin book next week), including some skirts made and worn by her Oma (so lovely to see the hand-stitching and marks of life) and a commercial Munrospun skirt (lovely to see one of these after writing this post).

Tweed pouch made from Anna's Munrospun skirt

Tweed pouch made from Anna’s Munrospun skirt

Tweed pouch from Anna's Oma's skirt

Tweed pouch from Anna’s Oma’s skirt

There are also pouches made from the seat covers from a Scottish camper van- with the occasional dog hair included!

Tweed pouch made from camper van seat covers

Tweed pouch made from camper van seat covers

And some from one of my favourite old Harris Tweed jackets…

Tweed pouch made from a 1050's Harris Tweed jacket

Tweed pouch made from a 1050’s Harris Tweed jacket

And there are a few new colourways in my favourite cowl patterns too…

Parterre Cowl in Oatmeal and Sage Blue

Parterre Cowl in Oatmeal and Sage Blue

All are up in the shop already but marked as coming soon if you are interested in having a sneak peek. And I look forward to showing you more of the lovely fabrics I’ve been given recently over the coming weeks…

Hoping you have a lovely weekend!