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I’ve been thinking that, for a knitters blog, I very rarely post photos of my finished objects… I guess it is mostly because I figure that the majority of people who read this are also knitters and will most probably see my projects as I pop them on Rav and so I get lazy with it. I also struggle with posting often about stuff I make. Not sure why- I like people liking my stuff as much as the next person but it somehow feels weird to put stuff up all the time. And I love commenting on blogs about the amazing things that people do and make but am not so comfortable receiving the same here. Weird. False modesty? Fear of criticism? Right now, I’m also heavier than I’ve ever been so I am not loving how I look in photos… I really need to get over that. But does anyone else struggle with this whole thing?!

So… some finished objects. All in one go so I get it done.

My favourite fo is something I saw in a beautiful book when I first started knitting… I dreamed of the day I’d be good enough to knit it and then put the photocopied pattern in my folder and forgot about it. Then, recently, I found out that my wonderful manager Judith also had a longstanding hankering to make it so we decided to do it together- needless to say, she is too busy to do any of her own knitting so it ended up just me.

Faroese lace shawl

Fringe and garter lace

It really wasn’t a complicated knit, although the instructions were very limited, but that just gave me the opportunity to test myself to see how much I’d really learned over the last seven years. And I did fine. It is a “true”, big-ass shawl that would keep a Faroese (and Melbourne) woman warm in the cold winter winds. The yarn is Rowanspun DK that was a cardigan in a previous life but that never really felt like it was in its true element. But this shawl is the perfect union of pattern and yarn and I love it.

Razor Shell

Above is a shawl/ stole made from yarn dyed in my first experiments in dyeing with plants that I made for the guild’s group exhibition (on here at the moment!). I was inspired to make something rhythmic like this but with a more simple feeling so I used a 12-stitch Razor Shell pattern to make an open chevron. I like the way the colours work together- in retrospect, I should have flipped the warmer shades the other way around to make them stand out more clearly but that’s learning.

Plant colours

A simple crochet cowl made to showcase the beautiful 12-ply alpaca bought from Tailored Strands during Knitcamp… super warm.

Alpaca cowl

Last is my Home Comforts cardigan- very unlike what I normally knit but I wanted to use a very simple pattern with large panels to highlight some very beautiful handspun yarn (probably Merino or Polwarth) that I bought at the guild last year. This is really homey, soft and organic and not very cool and I love that about it… so it is my stay-in-my-pyjamas-all-day-type garment that doesn’t really show itself in public!

Big and cuddly

And my final fo- and probably the one I am most proud of- is the tunic I am wearing in the above photos. I say most proud because I think of myself as a bad and slack sewer but I have worn this pretty much every day since craft camp two weeks ago- so it has made the grade in terms of being cool enough to wear and I love it. It was also my first experience of overlocking- instant love for linen edges!- and so has a special place in my heart. Guess what I’ve asked for for a joint birthday/Christmas present?!