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guilty pleasure?

Long time between posts, yes?! I’ve been pretty much completely engrossed with the renovations (plasterboard and new weatherboards are up, now waiting for building permit- and now, let’s leave it there!) and preparing classes, so more or less sleep-deprived and incoherent as a result. Despite that, I was shocked into tapping out a (short!) post when I read this post and then others about that lovely repository of all inspiration, Pinterest

I’ve been loving it, not so much for browsing but as a centralized way of storing links to all those ideas, images, colours, patterns and generally cool stuff that I find on the web and want to be able to find again later. Now it seems that I’ve not only been potentially breaking copyright by gaily pinning images/ products/ ideas without the owners consent but also enabling the company behind Pinterest to claim those images/ products/ ideas as their property. Aggh, why do the sweetest things have to be muddied?! Maybe I was naive to think that there were no such issues associated with the site, especially given that the lack of visible advertising means that there must be income or incentive for those behind the site coming from somewhere. I remember feeling weird the first time I came across pins of my own work but I guess the feeling wore off and I was more excited about seeing someone enjoying my stuff. I wouldn’t be excited if I knew someone else was profiting from it. I know there is always the risk of that once you put it out there but this situation seems extreme.

This issue is right out there at the moment so I encourage you to read others who know more and can write much more succinctly about it than I can. Bottom line, I don’t know enough but at this point, I’m not sure I feel comfortable pinning without first having permission from the owner of the image and not sure how I feel about about facilitating Pinterest having rights to that image just so that I have the privilege of a centralized place to store my images…

What do you think?!