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new swift

My honey found me a beautiful table swift at Camberwell market this morning. Lucky me, I already have a wonderful vertical swift that my lovely friend Amanda gave me and it works perfectly, particularly for unraveling knitting straight into skeins to be washed and reballed because the vertical wheel allows me to sit/stand up straight rather than bending over to work it … the only issue with it is that you can’t adjust the width very much so it isn’t great for really long or short skeins of yarn. This one, however, because of all those holes along the arms, will be able to accommodate almost any length of skein!

Wooden swift

I was so excited that he’d found a real piece of knitting equipment (that’s the kind of thing you read about on other peoples blogs) that I really didn’t notice what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship it was until I got it into the car and took off all the sticky tape.



Ball-bearings on underside of timber crux make the swift turn

My dad, my handy expert on timber and all things old, reckons it’s probably Australian and made of blackwood or cedar but has no idea of it’s likely age. I love the simplicity of this type of swift that sits on a flat surface and spins on ball bearings and this particular one is really beautiful in its lack of ornamentation… those pegs just beg to be touched. It has that look of a well-cared-for, well-used piece of equipment which, after reading this great post about the interrelationship between timber and wool, I am treasuring even more than I usually would. I gave it a test run and it performed beautifully- I’m so happy to have it! How about you- any new (or old) equipment you’re loving?