trunkshow at sunspun

I’m writing this in the dusk of an Australian summer day as Scotto and I begin our annual holiday in Melbourne to see our family and friends… it’s always so lovely to be back among loved ones and in our beautiful landscape and I’ve been reacquainting myself with all the plants that I love here- getting to enjoy the freshness of these early summer mornings is jet lag’s silver lining!

I just wanted to let those readers in Melbourne know about a small trunkshow that Amy of Sunspun and I are holding next Friday November 30th! I’ve brought a small selection of plant-dyed yarns pouches, kits and samples with me and will be hanging out knitting and catching up with my Melbourne community from 3-7pm at Sunspun in Canterbury. Please feel free to pop in for a quick look or an afternoon of knitting with Amy and I- it would be lovely to see you!

And there’ll be some lovely new things coming up in the shop before Christmas- a new design collaboration with my dear friend Anna Maltz that combines a gradient of my Masgot Fine with the natural shades of Garthenor’s Ronas (I’ll be adding kits for the design and a whole range of colours in Masgot Fine) and a small run of pouches embroidered by Lorna Reid of Chookiebirdie. I’ll send out a newsletter closer to the time to confirm the date and details of the update but just wanted to let you know in advance about these! 

Wishing you a lovely weekend…

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