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I love meeting other craftspeople and sell my products at a small selection of events in the UK and further afield.



Join me for a full-day workshop on the essentials of transferring colours found in plants onto fabric and yarn.

We will cover the key aspects of natural dyeing: fibre preparation and mordanting, sourcing dyestuffs, the various steps involved in preparing and working with a natural dyebath, mordants and modifiers, safe dyeing practice, keeping records of dye experiments and other tips. We'll also take a short walk to explore the dye potential of plants growing in urban Glasgow.

Details and bookings here.

INDIGO BLUE: Sunday May 8

Experience the magic of indigo and learn the steps involved in creating your own indigo vat in this full-day workshop. We’ll cover the key aspects of dyeing with indigo: fibre preparation, creating, working with and maintaining a vat, safe handling and disposal and other tips.

Participants will dye wool yarn and samples of fabric using simple clamping methods. If time permits, we may have time to dye objects from home.

Details and bookings here.

YELLOW AND BLUE MAKES GREEN: July 23/24 or August 27/28

Exploring greens, the most elusive of colours in natural dyes, this two-day workshop is is designed for those who have done the introductory local colour workshop or who have some experience working with natural dyes. It will take place in my studio in Bridgeton, Glasgow on July 23-24 from 9.30-4.30 and at Gartur Stitch Farm on August 27/28.

We’ll work with both local and exotic sources of yellow and explore the different types of yellow dyes and their chemistry, hue and fastness. We’ll dye yarn and fabric samples to create a shadecard with many shades of yellow, plus duplicates to dip in indigo to make greens. 

We'll then focus on indigo, creating an organic indigo vat to dip our duplicate samples to produce myriad shades of green to complete our shadecard. Together, these two days of exploration should give participants a deeper understanding of how different yellows combine with indigo to make green and how to achieve a desired shade.

I am currently developing a series of virtual workshops- please check back soon or sign up to my newsletter to keep informed about upcoming dates.


I volunteer at the Repair Cafe Glasgow, part of a global movement of repairers. We help you repair your things for free, from garments and textiles to small electrical goods, bicycles, furniture and more. We meet on the fourth Saturday of the month at the Clyde community hall.

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