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Product care


The materials used in Woollenflower products have been carefully selected for both comfort and durability. If cared for properly, they should last for years.  


Caring for colour

Although Woollenflower yarns are dyed using time-honoured dye materials and techniques, all natural dyes change and develop over time. Hand-washing and then drying and storing yarns and finished objects out of direct sunlight will help to maintain the purity and longevity of their colours.  

Some natural dyes, such as indigo and logwood, may rub off on your fingers as you work with them, however this should greatly diminish after washing the finished object. All skeins and products are carefully washed and rinsed after dyeing but, to be safe, avoid wearing pale colours under newly-finished projects made with these materials and, if combining light and dark shades in the same project, wash all skeins beforehand to avoid any bleeding of colour.  


Caring for fabric

To wash yarns, knits and pouches, soak for 30 minutes in tepid water with a squirt of pH-neutral liquid wash added, then remove and replace the water to rinse clean. Remove excess water by rolling item in a towel and squeezing  gently, then lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.