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The knitted-on patch for repair and more
The knitted-on patch for repair and more

The knitted-on patch for repair and more

Date June 15

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Join horticulturist and craftsperson Julia Billings to learn how to work the knitted-on patch for repair and more. 

A knitted-on patch is a piece of fabric that is knitted and joined onto a piece of knitwear simultaneously, allowing you to cover worn or damaged areas quickly with a patch that has the same stitch pattern and degree of stretch as the surrounding fabric. The use of a knitted-on patch prolongs the life of knits, particularly sock heels, elbows, necks and cuffs, and can also be used to reinvigorate them through the addition of colour and texture. It can be worked visibly or invisibly, depending on your skills and aesthetics.

In this workshop, we’ll work through how to work a knitted-on patch and look at examples of when and how to use them.


Date:   2-5pm on Saturday, June 15

Level:  Participants need to have a grasp of the basics of knitting; how to knit, purl and cast off.

Included:  Participants will take away a sample of the knitted-on patch, as well as comprehensive notes on processes covered. Yarn, tea and snacks provided.

To bring:  Please make and bring a stocking stitch swatch, measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm with a border that enables it to lay flat (such as garter or moss stitch). You will need to block your swatch before the class so that it is flat and easy to work on. Gauge is not important but please use smooth, light-coloured wool in DK or thicker to make it easy to see your stitches. 

Location:  This workshop will take place in a large studio in Bridgeton, Glasgow. The studio is located on the second floor of a 1960's building with access via stairs or a lift. If you have any questions about accessibility, please get in touch via the contact page or email 

COVID:  In order to keep everyone safe and happy, there will be a limit of 8 participants to allow for social distancing. All precautions, such as maximum ventilation of the studio before and during the workshop and enhanced cleaning and sanitising facilities, will be ensured.